LOCK 25 HORNET electronic trailer lock / PIN codes

Kod: LOCK25

The SBS Hornet is a fully automatic pneumatic lock that attaches to the trailer chassis.
The SBS Hornet is a fully automatic pneumatic lock that attaches to the trailer chassis.
4 * AA Battery 2.9AH (Internally built into the lock)

RFiD cards, changing PIN codes (keyless operation - Challange Response)
Slamlock option (automatic closing of the lock), Deadlock option (the driver decides when the lock is to be closed)
Number of locking pins:
1 pin (20 mm diameter)

SBS Lock-25 Hornet

The SBS Hornet is a fully automatic pneumatic lock that attaches to the trailer chassis.

With the SBS Hornet trailer lock you secure your trailer doors optimally against burglary, without compromising the loading capacity or insulation values of the trailer. This electronic lock is not attached to the inside of the trailer doors, but to the chassis of the trailer and is locked with bolts in the bottom of the door. You operate the electronic SBS Hornet lock with an RFID transponder or a rolling pin code.

The Lock-25 Hornet lock is controlled by an advanced electronic access control module with the function of unlocking the lock using an RFID transponder, 4-digit PIN codes and emergency codes – Emergency Pin Number. Unlocking can be monitored and controlled remotely by connecting to a telematics unit. Locking mode (manual / automatic) and unlocking modes can be changed remotely. Unblocking can also be controlled by geofencing. The access control unit also generates a new seal number and unlock code when closing and locking the door. The lock status sensor and the door sensor are tamper-resistant (Lock force open) and are connected to each other, and their status is displayed on the telematics portal informing about an attempted break-in into the trailer in real time. The anti-theft alarm for the connected trailer is automatically armed when locked. Communication between the lock’s control unit and telematics is secured by a digital communication protocol.

Baypass System

In the event that the vehicle’s cargo space cannot be accessed (e.g. due to a break-in attempt / system fault / accident), the Inlock system provides various emergency access solutions. These solutions are designed to allow access to the cargo space without causing any damage. The driver can continue his journey and make all required repairs upon return to base. The Baypass system is a voluntary solution, and in order to activate it, a number of necessary procedures must be followed, without which it is impossible to open the trailer. The system is protected by an audible alarm and connected to a telematics device that sends messages in the event of unauthorized circumvention of the emergency opening procedure.

Battery life

The battery of our FELA AT Fleet modem is sufficient for several days of independent operation, in accordance with the TAPA TSR 2020 standard – in operating mode: signal every 5 minutes, for 24 hours. Standalone battery the system works for a long time if it is not supported by telematics (even a month without the use of telematics). For power supply, the modem can be connected to the cooling system. We have been doing this for many years. The modem’s battery is then charged by the chiller plants. In particular, we ask the supplier of the cooling system for approval for this type of connection.

Use of the entire cargo space (the lock is mounted from the bottom of the trailer)

The Lock-25 Hornet has been designed for those transport companies that use the maximum length of the cargo space in their orders. The lock as it is mounted from the bottom of the frame, it does not take up even 1 cm of cargo space, which allows for trouble-free loading of irregularly sized pallets.


there are 2 ways to open the lock: Using the I-Fob iButton (IBUTTON version) or RFiD card (IQ version) – depending on the selected lock type Using PIN codes – CHALLANGE RESPONSE (keyless version) – opening with PIN codes – can also be set interchangeably in the IButton and IQ versions – this is an extra paid option (monthly fee – 10 € / subscription) Both IFobs (i.e. key fobs) and RFiD cards can be freely programmed to unlock individual vehicles or access the entire fleet. Lost IFobs / RFiDs can also be re-issued, and the lost original removed from use / system.

Opening on the PIN code – CHALLENGE RESPONSE (keyless access) – option additionally payable

A useful feature that is especially useful for large fleets where key management can be an operational challenge. The Challenge Response option allows the user to generate single-use unlocking codes in the secure Integritas web application, thus eliminating the need for keys or fobs. The code will change each time the door is closed. The PIN opening option does not exclude the possibility of opening the door with IFob or RFiD cards. It can be used interchangeably.


Key systems (optional):
Master Key System – the so-called general key system – a special key system made in such a way that with the use of one key you can open any number of locks specified by the Ordering Party. The Master Key system may consist of various types of cylinder (patent) inserts, padlocks or electronic locks in the case of RFiD cards. Master Key systems work well in all types of fleets of trucks because they eliminate a number of problems caused by an excessive number of keys in circulation (e.g. keychains, no control over duplicating keys by unauthorized persons, no possibility to quickly open the door in an emergency, etc. ). The access rights of individual keys in the system may be different. Master-Key is both simple systems characterized by a small number of doors and a simple access structure, as well as large systems containing many different groups of keys, subgroups and combinations. There are few practical limitations to the size and complexity of the system.
The master key system can be divided into 3 basic groups:
KEYED-ALIKE – unified cylinder system – all lock cylinders and padlocks as well as advanced electronic locks (RFiD or Ifob cards) are opened with the same key.
MASTER-KEY – master key system – the master key opens all locks in vans, containers or semi-trailers, while individual locks are opened only with individual keys.
GROUP MASTER-KEY – master key and group key system – designed for large transport fleets, etc. Depending on the organizational structure of the institution – there are several groups of keys in the system that are subject to the overriding Master key that supports the entire system.