SAFECONNECT Safety & Reversing Aids

Kod: SafeConnect

  • Zabezpieczenia Maple
A device that allows you to safely couple a tractor with a semi-trailer.
A device that allows you to safely couple a tractor with a semi-trailer.

SafeConnect from Maple is an award winning safe trailer coupling device, that ensures a trailers braking system is permanently applied throughout the coupling process, protecting the driver until they safely return to the vehicle cab and are in full control of the vehicle. Only once the driver has depressed the vehicle brake pedal, will air be released to the trailer brakes and in doing so return normal braking functionality. With no additional procedures to action, SafeConnect is a user friendly system that encourages drivers to follow their usual best practice coupling procedure, ensuring that your drivers are always safe from potential rollaway situations.

SafeConnect – the solution

Pneumatic valve blocks airflow to the emergency redline until coupling completed
Protects driver against potential crushing on the catwalk when connecting the service line
Prevents trailer roll-away incidents caused by inadvertent release of trailer brakes
An automatic setting safety feature
Drivers do not need to carry out additional procedures
Trailer brakes cannot be released until the driver has returned to the cab and depressed the brake pedal
Manual override facility built-in
Assists operators in meeting legal shunting requirements
A highly robust & reliable system
Optional extra: For trailers with EBS SafeConnect can be upgrade to prevent vehicle movement until the EBS line has also been securely connected

SafeConnect IQ – Intelligent Trailer Immobilisation

For security conscious operators who require enhanced control over their trailers, SafeConnect can be upgraded to the Maple IQ platform to offer a comprehensive safety & security application. A sophisticated, user-friendly access control solution,
the system allows operators to control who can connect up to and physically move trailers, thus eliminating unauthorised movements. SafeConnect IQ records information such as who, when and even where the trailer was coupled, whilst our innovative Insight IQ platform even allows operators to remotely authorise trailer movements.

Key Features

Trailer Immobilisation – Prevent unauthorised trailer coupling
• Automatic setting immobiliser upon removal of service lines
• Control exactly who has the authority to move trailers
• Automatic audit trails for trailer movement, recording who, when and even where the trailer was coupled
• Information can be viewed and interrogated through Insight IQ software in real-time
• Remotely authorise trailer movements
• For emergency trailer movements secure PIN number access can be enabled