We are Polish manufacturer of transport security PROTECT-VEHICLE, and authorized and exclusive representative of Niederland companies: SBS Safety & Security Products BV and ORLACO also German company THETEX .

We are cooperating with transport and logistics companies in whole Europe. Our solutions are proprietary and innovative, which are covered International Protection of Intellectual Property and International Patents.


Our constructors still working and upgrading locks in PROTECT VEHICLE series. SBS Safety & Security Products are our leading Partner and representing perfectly consolidation our offer. Additionally THEFTEX offer enriches the range anti-thieft security locks dedicated to tilt-trailer and vehicle tracking. ORLACO it is camera system ensuring visibility and safety around of specialized equipment. Telematic system Fela, Mape, Theftex – they are curently necessary and integral part of the mechanical lock and meet expectations even the most demanding customers, esuring them comfort of constant monitoring of the condition and position of transported loads.

We are official TAPA member since 2009 (Technology Asset Protections Association),  international organisation, which sets standards safety in buisness and transport.

We are preparing transport companies to international audits related to growing the level of security of the services transport and logistics provided.

Thank’s to PROTECT-VEHICLE, SBS, THEFTEX, ORLACO products, spedition companies are specialized in road, rail and sea transport, also in logistics services-they gain credibillitywith their client, at the same time they give a sense of safety.