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We are a Polish manufacturer of transport security PROTECT-VEHICLE, and an authorized and exclusive representative of Dutch companies: SBS Safety & Security Products BV and ORLACO, as well as the German company THEFTEX.

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We are a Polish manufacturer of transport security PROTECT-VEHICLE, and an authorized and exclusive representative of Dutch companies: SBS Safety & Security Products BV and ORLACO, as well as the German company THEFTEX.




The PVS-SBS offer includes over 50 different types of solutions related to the safety of transported loads, from simple, effective locks, bars and additional locks to advanced telematics systems.


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If you want to effectively protect your vehicles against theft or burglary, our products are available in online store.




Security anti-theft solutions

Transport and logistics are a fundamental and important component of the European economy and trade. The Polish market in this area, although already very well developed, is still developing dynamically. Transport activities related to the transport of cargo are associated with a huge range of various risks that must not be forgotten by transport companies. In order to guarantee the high quality and safety of the customers’ goods, proper securing of the transported cargo plays a fundamental role.

Commercial Vehicle Security – Leaders Trust Leaders

Are you the owner of a car fleet? Are you in the shipping industry? Do you take care of your customers’ interests as well as yours? Do you want to provide drivers with a quiet route? Are you wondering how to protect your car against theft? You’ve come to the right place. Our horse is a unique protection against theft of a car. For over three decades, we have been providing car security, supporting the leaders of the shipping industry throughout Europe. We are looking for new solutions, we are one step ahead of the competition, and our car anti-theft security systems have saved many companies. Outsmart the thieves. Don’t let yourself be robbed, whether it is fuel or freight. Join the group of our clients and become a leader in the shipping industry.


Securing your car against theft – safety matters

Why so expensive – you often hear this question from potential customers? Competing with price is not a good strategy. If you want the cost of transportation to cease to be the only criterion for choosing a carrier, give the customer something that is invaluable. What is this? The value that cannot be valued is security. An investment in securing a commercial vehicle is about more than just securing your cargo. It’s the way you approach your client and their business. Securing your car and the entire fleet is an investment that will pay off for you. Why? Because it means hundreds of satisfied customers, standing orders, and perhaps more customers on recommendation.


Car security – the offer is unequal

All kinds of car security – theoretically, you can buy them anywhere. All you have to do is go to Allegro, use any price comparison engine or enter into the search engine queries such as: “car security”, “unusual car protection against theft”, “car protection against theft” or similar – “car anti-theft security”. How do you choose the best anti-theft car protection from among so many offers? There are several factors to consider. The first is the material from which the car protections are made. If the thief deals with it with the use of generally available tools, it means that neither the goods nor your fuel will be safe. Another issue is related to assembly or possible disassembly. After all, the point is that securing your car should be a mystery and an obstacle for the thief, not for you. Why should the installation be intuitive and relatively fast (depending on the security of the car – from several minutes to a maximum of two hours). The same goes for handling the car’s anti-theft security. In addition, in the case of alarms or cameras, it is worth taking an interest in additional options, such as the telematics system (GPS-GSM), which enables data transmission and sending information about possible alarm activity. When choosing a car’s anti-theft protection, it is also worth paying attention to its manufacturer. It is better to trust proven brands that have been on the market for years. And thus – they know and understand the specifics of the shipping industry, its needs, problems and challenges that it has to face every day. Then you will be sure that the car protection created by such a company will fulfill its task in 100%. What’s more, experts will always advise you on how to protect your car against theft and suggest the best solution, not necessarily the most expensive one.


Car security – we know what we do

We can say that we know the shipping industry inside out. We have been helping owners of shipping companies for 30 years, and our mission is to secure the car, the entire fleet and cargo. And thus – the entire business of our clients. The truth is that it is only because of our reliability that we are present on the market for so long. In this industry, weak companies simply don’t stand a chance. Our car anti-theft security features are original designs that combine modern technology with solid, indestructible materials such as stainless and hardened steel. We can proudly say that we are the leader in the area of ​​unusual car theft protection in Europe. Our clients – Polish and foreign transport companies and logistic bases can certify this. In our offer, in addition to security for the car fleet, we also have security for construction machinery, boats, safes and garage doors. Our services are not limited to sales. We know how to protect a car against theft and we are happy to share this knowledge. Our consultants are practitioners. That is why we also deal with servicing and assembly. We have 5 service points throughout Europe. We are at your disposal, write or call us, and we will propose the best solution for your company.