• Zabezpieczenia Protect Vehicle
Additional protection of side and rear doors for delivery vans, trucks and campers
Dodatkowe zabezpieczenia drzwi bocznych i tylnych aut dostawczych, ciężarowych, camperów.
1 kg/1 pc
3 godz.
50mm x 150mm
Material used:
stainless steel
lock insert integrated with the lock, anti-drill and anti-burglary, incl. 2 keys.

Gatelock Van M is a mechanical device designed to secure the cargo space in vans, delivery vehicles, or campers. It is suitable for the rear and side doors of any type of the vehicles mentioned above. The lock protects the cargo against theft (or theft attempts). The Gatelock is easy to use and handle. The locking operation is carried out automatically with one hand. The lock is easy to install and highly reliable.

The Gatelock is designed for any type of delivery vans used to transport valuable products or valuable-item packages on a regular basis. Once installed, the Gatelock provides the utmost protection of the cargo and items located in the cargo area, even if you have to leave your vehicle unattended.

Gatelock Van Medium is a high-quality security lock designed to protect vehicles, tools and cargo.

Gatelock Van Medium security lock is particularly suitable for domestic and international courier services and is available in Slamlock and Deadlock versions. The Slamlocks lock the door automatically upon closing and always require the key to unlock them. In the “deadlock” version, the user can choose to keep the device unlocked after closing the door to eliminate the need to use the key each time to open the door. The Gatelock Van Medium is fitted with an internal emergency unlocking system in case persons are accidentally locked in the cargo area. Once the door is closed, the locking hook falls directly around the latch. The locking hook is fully protected against breaking with the use of tools commonly used by burglars (i.e. hammers, pliers, chisels, etc.). This protection device is fully resistant to cutting and drilling. The lock can be installed on the rear and side doors/sliding doors.

The GVM protection is available in 3 variants:

Gatelock Van M “Light” series is permanently mounted on the side and rear doors of the vehicle using steel rivets. Very quick and easy to install. The set includes 3 keys, a key code card and a mounting kit. The ability to choose a locking system is a key element. The safety device has an emergency release cord located inside the vehicle. Should the driver lock in, it allows the door to be opened – just pull the rope. The entire mechanism is built-in with a stainless steel body, there are no loose elements that a potential thief could break. The security is available in a single version (on the side or rear door of the vehicle) and in a double version (on the side and rear doors, opened with one key).




Gatelock Van M “Courier” series is the most complete and durable in the field of interior zippers. Drilling and cutting resistant. It is permanently mounted to the vehicle door with steel bolts and reinforced plates installed inside the vehicle panels. The set includes 3 keys, a code card and a mounting kit. The GVM Courier has a built-in reinforced emergency release cord with a red knob for easy opening. Its coating protects against changing weather conditions. The protection is available in a single version and in a double version. Locking system – as in the previous version: slamlock or deadlock.





Gatelock Van M series “PRO” permanently mounted to the side and rear doors of the vehicle. As in the “Courier” version, the security feature has a reinforced emergency opening cable with a red knob to facilitate opening. The issue of assembly remains voluntary. The set includes steel rivets, screws and reinforced plates, the choice of assembly is left to the customer. The set also includes 3 keys, a code card and a dust cap, which is mounted with a 3M tape in the place of the cylinder. This is an additional protection against any type of contamination that may enter the cylinder. This is extremely important for effective and long-term use.




Electric Kit – GVM “Courier” and “PRO” versions can be operated by an electrical system consisting of a motor and a control unit connected to a safety cable for protection. The lock can be opened with a key or one of the two remote controls from the set, without the use of a key; similarly, the control unit can be connected to a satellite device (GPS) or mounted in the vehicle which will allow the remote control to be unlocked by a monitoring center which is controlled by the GPS.




Aniti-Dust Cap – a dust cap that effectively protects the cylinder against all kinds of contamination and unfavorable weather conditions. It is mounted with 3M tape. It can be attached to any security version (in the GVM “PRO” version it is included in the set.









  • Protection against cargo space break-ins, breaking of doors;
  • Protection against prying and accessing with the use of tools commonly used by burglars; resistance to drilling and polishing;
  • Easy installation;
  • Easy operation, even with one hand;
  • Maximum safety;
  • Latch fully protected by tight steel body;
  • High-quality internal emergency unlocking system;
  • Flexibility: each door may be locked with the help of a single system with one key


  • Protected against unlocking from the inside;
  • Slamlock function: automatic locking system;
  • Deadlock system support (Slamlock function deactivated).

The Gatelock Van M is also available in the side- and rear-door versions (ask for different options at the store).