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Additional protection of side and rear doors for delivery vans, trucks and campers
Additional protection of side and rear doors for delivery vans, trucks and campers
1 kg/1 pc
3 h
100mm x 100mm
Material used:
hardened steel
lock insert integrated with the lock, anti-drill and anti-burglary, incl. 2 keys.

Gatelock Van S – a supplementary protection for side and rear doors of delivery trucks, tractor-trailers, and campers.

Gatelock Van S is a mechanical device designed to secure the cargo space in vans, delivery vehicles, or campers.

It is suitable for the rear and side doors of any type of vehicles mentioned above. The lock protects the cargo against theft (or theft attempt). The Gatelock is easy to use and handle. The locking operation is carried out automatically with one hand. The lock is easy to install and highly reliable.

Gatelock is designed for any type of delivery vans used to transport valuable products or valuable-item packages on a regular basis. Once installed, the Gatelock provides

the utmost protection of the cargo and items located in the cargo area, even if you have to leave your vehicle unattended.

Gatelock Van Small

Gatelock Van Small F-Series is a multi-purpose safety lock easily installed by drilling a single hole in the door of your car. You can easily install the lock yourself with just an Allen wrench and a screwdriver and it takes a maximum of several minutes to install the lock on both rear sliding doors in almost any type of vehicle.


  • Compliance with CCNP standards;
  • High durability due to top-quality materials and exterior surface finish;
  • User-friendly lock with simple handling and operation and an option to use an identical

key code for a double-lock set;

  • Resistant to burglary with hand tools, such as hammers, pliers, chisels, crowbars,

saws and drills (Lightweight type);

  • Protected against unlocking from the inside.

The Gatelock Van S is also available in the side- and rear-door versions. The set contains 2 keys for 1 lock (ask for different options at the store).

The GVS protection is available in 3 variants:

Gatelock Van S series “F” is a universal security lock, the installation of which is enough to drill one hole in the door of your car. You can easily install the lock yourself. Using only an Allen key and a drill / driver. It only takes a dozen or so minutes to install a lock on both rear doors of your car and on the sliding side doors of almost any type of vehicle. You do not need to use a key when locking! It is enough to put the lock on the pin mounted in the door.




Gatelock Van S series “P” – no drilling! Easy and quick to install. This version does NOT require any drills into the sheet metal of the vehicle. A special stainless steel bracket is mounted on the original vehicle lock. To close and secure the door, it is enough to put the lock on the protruding pin.





Gatelock Van S series “T” – Series “T” has been designed for vehicles with a tail lift. It consists of two elements: a locking pin permanently mounted to the vehicle (on the side of the vehicle structure) and the body, which is placed on the elevator. An opening will be made in the elevator to allow the latch to pass when it is closing. Thus, the body will be securely locked with the bolt.





1. Rear or side door option – 1 item (product code: GL-SF / 1)

2. Option for side and rear doors – 2 pcs. In the set – in this option the keys open both sides of the door. (product code: GL-SF / 2)