BDI Integritas INTERNAL internal lock/ PIN codes


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Advanced BDI lock, internally built into the door - BDI INTERNAL
Advanced BDI lock, internally built into the door - BDI INTERNAL
4 * AA Battery 2.9AH (Internally built into lock)

RFiD cards, changing PIN codes (keyless control - Challenge Response)

Slam Lock option (automatic closing of the lock), Deadlock option (the driver decides when the lock is to be closed)

Number of locking pins:
1 pin ( 20mm diameter)


Suitable for use on shutter and barndoor applications, Integritas is a truly flexible solution that puts you in complete control of your goods in transit operations.
Integritas is a self-powered, integrated electronic seal and
locking application. It affords complete transparency of operation, providing previously unobtainable information about
load status, including door open events, seal number and detail
of who accessed the vehicle and when. By providing a clear and indisputable audit trail, Integritas assigns accountability and
removes the ambiguity often associated with traditional single
use seals and associated procedures, that may otherwise be susceptible to misuse or abuse.
Integritas can also be tailored to meet your own specific
requirements, including lock configuration (manual or automatic), access control method (key fob or PIN) and seal
number configuration, helping to aid integration with existing
operations, whilst driving efficiency.


The lock can be installed in 3 levels of position, to be selected by the customer and depending on the construction of the rear door (to be selected at the time of ordering)

  1. PORTRAIT RIGHT – the display is on the right, the locking handle is on the left
  2. PORTRAIT LEFT – the display is on the left, the locking handle is on the right
  3. SEPARATE MOUNTING PLATE – display and handle are mounted anywhere on the door



When the door is closed, a 5-digit code of the electronic seal is generated automatically (randomly or sequentially – to choose from). Electronic seal makes it possible to maintain the guarantee that the door has not been opened while driving. The code of the seal must be identical at the time of loading and immediately before unloading the goods. We suggest writing the code on the CRM document.


  1. RFiD cards (IQ version) – depending on the selected lock type

  2. By PIN codes – CHALLENGE RESPONSE (keyless version) – opening with PIN codes – this is an additional paid option

RFiD cards can be freely programmed to unlock individual vehicles or access to the entire fleet. Lost RFiD can also be re-issued, the lost original removed from use / system.

Opening on the PIN code – CHALLENGE RESPONSE (keyless access) – option additionally payable

A useful feature that is especially useful for large fleets where key management can be an operational challenge. The Challenge Response option allows the user to generate single-use unlocking codes in the secure Integritas web application, thus eliminating the need for keys or fobs. The code will change each time the door is closed. The PIN opening option does not exclude the possibility of opening the door with IFob or RFiD cards. It can be used interchangeably.


It is possible to choose between automatic locking of the lock when the door is closed (SLAMLOCK version), or independent decision by the driver when the lock is to be locked (DEADLOCK option). The method of closing is selected when placing an order for the BDI system.


The BDI Integritas system is equipped with its own power source in the form of a long-life battery – 4 * AA Battery 2.9AH. The service life mainly depends on how many times the lock is used during the day / week / month. If the battery drops below a certain voltage level, depending on the outside temperature, the lock will not open. Information about the low battery level is indicated by a built-in lamp on the control panel (display), which starts flashing red in a spot. The duration of the blinking time varies – it may be several days before discharge, a week or several hours (e.g. in periods of low external temperatures) Integritas battery life estimate The table includes BDI Integritas without a built-in radio (antenna) and with a built-in radio antenna for operating the GATE-HOUSE option – a system for automatically downloading data from the lock after crossing the Integritas transmitter installed, for example, at the entrance gates to a transport company.

* Extremely low temperatures, moisture at the contacts, improper cleaning – may shorten the service life and cannot be the basis for a complaint. The manufacturer does not provide a guarantee for batteries. Their service life depends on individual use.


Ad.1 – EMERGENCY PIN CODES – Emergency Pin Access In the event of loss of keys or cards (e.g. locked inside the cargo space), Integritas offers safe, trouble-free access to the opening of the lock using one-time access codes (obtained via the Integritas web portal). All you need to do is log in to the Integritas portal and generate a one-time emergency code for your vehicle. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to meet the delivery date and avoid delays. This option is also very useful during a police or customs inspection. Thanks to the emergency codes, opening the door will not change the electronic seal number and you can reach your destination without changing the seal number on the CMR document. When buying a lock, the set includes 20 emergency codes – one-time, preloaded into the INTEGRITAS system. After use – you can buy an additional list of 20 codes. IMPORTANT: Emergency PIN codes and emergency door opening are not the same as opening / closing with variable PIN codes (Challenge Response)

AD.2 – EMERGENCY INSIDE OPENING – Emergency Release As an option, BDI INTERNAL Integritas can be opened from the inside in an emergency (additional surcharge). This is a useful option when there is a possibility that the person unloading the goods may be accidentally or intentionally locked inside the cargo space. In this case, you can easily open the closed door by turning the lock lever from the inside.


Option to automatically record vehicle activity status and door opening / closing data. Automatic data download takes place when the vehicle reaches the reception desk of the transport company or the logistics center. This can be followed live in the concierge desk on the www portal – Integritas, which helps to reduce the time needed to analyze the information and the waiting time for check-in. The GATE HOUSE option requires the installation of special radio antennas together with locks in vehicles, and at the entrance to the gatehouse or logistic center of a radio receiver, automatically downloading data from devices and vehicles passing it. Thanks to this solution, the logistics company has information – when, who and for how long left the door open during the goods transport process. The GATE-HOSE system is additionally paid and individually priced for the needs of producers of consumer goods or transport companies.

Full audit trail – when, where and by whom the door was opened? (expansion 2021)

In 2021, it will be possible to purchase a mobile device for BDI solutions that will download data from locks installed in vehicles. The so-called DOWNLOADERS will make it possible to quickly and immediately download the most important data from the entire goods transport chain. A device the size of a mobile phone placed on the BDI lock will download data such as: who, when and where opened the door, and for how long the door was open. This option will save large costs associated with the need to install expensive telematics solutions, and the data downloading will result from the need and the occurrence of, for example, a disturbing event or theft of goods. All the collected data and audit trails can be viewed on a computer, and operators will be able to generate detailed reports in seconds, for themselves as well as for investigating authorities or insurance companies. An exemplary Downloander look is shown in the photo on the left.

Key systems (optional):
Master Key System – the so-called general key system – a special key system made in such a way that with the use of one key you can open any number of locks specified by the Ordering Party. The Master Key system may consist of various types of cylinder (patent) inserts, padlocks or electronic locks in the case of RFiD cards. Master Key systems work well in all types of fleets of trucks because they eliminate a number of problems caused by an excessive number of keys in circulation (e.g. keychains, no control over duplicating keys by unauthorized persons, no possibility to quickly open the door in an emergency, etc. ). The access rights of individual keys in the system may be different. Master-Key is both simple systems characterized by a small number of doors and a simple access structure, as well as large systems containing many different groups of keys, subgroups and combinations. There are few practical limitations to the size and complexity of the system.
The master key system can be divided into 3 basic groups:
KEYED-ALIKE – unified cylinder system – all lock cylinders and padlocks as well as advanced electronic locks (RFiD or Ifob cards) are opened with the same key.
MASTER-KEY – master key system – the master key opens all locks in vans, containers or semi-trailers, while individual locks are opened only with individual keys.
GROUP MASTER-KEY – master key and group key system – designed for large transport fleets, etc. Depending on the organizational structure of the institution – there are several groups of keys in the system that are subject to the overriding Master key that supports the entire system.