• Zabezpieczenia Gerda
locking device for the LAMBERET SR2 Futura refrigerated trailer door (with a pin padlock)
locking device for the LAMBERET SR2 Futura refrigerated trailer door (locked with a pin padlock)
2,75 kg 
Closing time:
10 seconds to close the lock, 30 minutes to install the lock permanently in the trailer's frame
130mm x 380mm x 70mm
Material used:
steel, galvanized, then powder coated according to the RAL table (available colors: silver)
pin padlock Gerda (several hundred thousand key combinations), incl. 2 keys

PV-12 / P SR2 FUTURA GERDA – a door locking device for LAMBERET SR2 Futura refrigerator semi-trailers (with a shutter padlock).

PV-12 / P SR2 FUTURA GERDA door locking mechanism for popular LAMBERET SR2 FUTURA refrigerator semi-trailers or containers. The assembly of this protection device does not require mechanical intervention on the trailer, and therefore it does not affect the door structure. The locking operation is carried out by applying a rectangular security body to the place of the pre-installed element to the original semi-trailer bolts and by fastening the padlock included in the set. The unlocking operation is carried out with the use of the original key only by unlocking the padlock, removing it from the opening and dismounting the steel body.

The padlock used in PV-12/P SR2 FUTURA GERDA is manufactured by the renowned GERDA company. It is made of brass highly resistant to moisture and burglary and provides several hundreds of thousands of key combinations as well as the One Key – Multiple Devices option support. The locking pin in the padlock is made of hardened steel. The device is applied as an additional protection for SR2 LAMBERET FUTURA type semi-trailers at reloading terminals and en route.