special protection to protect the roller shutter of the shipping container with a lift
blockade preventing the tractor from being coupled with a sea or forwarding container placed on supporting legs - SWAP-BODY

6,30 kg 
Closing time:
10 second
110mm x 450mm x 60mm
Material used:
steel, galvanized, then powder coated according to the RAL table (available colors: silver)
no / the lock is equipped with an additional locking pin with an opening in which you can install any padlock and close the lock

PV-10 SWAP-BODY Lock PIN – a locking mechanism designed to prevent the harness of a tractor with a sea or freight container placed on the supporting legs? SWAP-BODY.

PV-10 SWAP-BODY Lock PIN is an effective anti-theft locking mechanism designed to prevent the coupling of the semi-trailer with sea/forwarding containers set on adjustable supporting legs. The adjustable support legs installed on replaceable (swap-body) containers, facilitate loading and unloading operations without the need to use professional handling equipment.

PV-10 SWAP-BODY Lock PIN prevents the unauthorized uncoupling of the container from the semi-trailer or placing the semi-trailer under the container. The device is made of galvanized and powder-coated steel. Galvanization protects details against adverse weather conditions and corrosion. The locking mechanism features a solid construction and is entirely made of cast steel to improve its durability and performance against removal or dismantling.

PV-10 SWAP-BODY Lock PIN is locked by a special stainless-steel locking pin fitted with a hole. After placing the pin inside the locking mechanism, you can use any type of padlock to lock the device. We recommend that the user should purchase one of the padlocks available at our other auctions (e.g. ABLOY or GERDA).