SBS SKIPLOCK Hook Lock / DURO F320 Padlock

anti-theft protection for hook containers
anti-theft protection for hook containers
13 kg
Mountage time:
10 second
54mm x 240mm x 180mm
Material used:
(2 parts) - electro-galvanized carbon steel, powder coated
DUROF320: - anti-drill spindle padlock with fixed insert (Master-Key and Key Alike not possible)

SBS SKIPLOCK Hook Lock with DURO F320 padlock is a multi-purpose locking mechanism for hook-lift containers loaded with the help of a hook fastened to a hydraulic crane. It is suitable for multiple applications – you can use it to secure containers/bins, construction machines, but also to secure fences, Flexi-D-tec semi-trailers, heavy-duty transport semi-trailers, generating units and other devices lifted by a hook.

A container protection is a clear signal for the offender encouraging him/her to go someplace else.

With several Skiplock protection units, the system can be used to handle even a larger number of devices, thus making it easier for the user to keep it at a bigger distance from monitored locations. The padlock is integrated with the lock to protect it against being lost by the driver.

SBS SKIPLOCK is highly recommended to secure containers with building materials, metal materials, construction machines, cable bins, containers, Flexi D-tec containers, generating units.

Locks/padlocks: Duro F320 padlock (no Master Key system option) or F320 Duro padlock with Abloy CL cylinder inside (Master Key system option).