PV-02 CUBE Trailer Lock

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Permanently installed protection for most types of semi-trailers, containers and cold stores - closed with a padlock (ABLOY PL358)
Permanently installed protection for most types of semi-trailers, containers and cold stores - closed with a padlock (ABLOY PL358)
~ 5 kg
Time of mounting:
1 h
14 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm
Material of execution:
stainless steel, powder coated
Cylinder / padlock:
ABLOY PL358 padlock (2 keys), 6 security class - IMP

The PV-02 CUBE Lock is suitable for almost any refrigerated semi-trailer as well as box, tarpaulin and isothermal semi-trailers. Effectively locks the rear swing door. It is an innovative solution that is an improvement to the flagship SBS BDL product. Its advantage is due to the closed structure in which the padlock shackle is permanently placed (at the time of assembly). The closed housing effectively protects against the negative effects of weather conditions and facilitates the way of opening and closing the lock.

Benefits and Features:

– effectively protects the trailer against burglary and theft
– The padlock shackle is permanently in the lock, which makes its operation more convenient and reduces the risk of loss
– no access to the bolts securing the lock to the trailer door
– blockade mounted on 6 threaded bolts fi 12
– lock body made of a special blend of steel, resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, non-corrosive and resistant to acids and alkalis – all fastening elements are made of stainless steel (according to AISI 304)
– the possibility of using and connecting additional sensors for opening / closing the padlock (the need to install a telematics module in the trailer)
– lock sold with a padlock – ABLOY PL358 (6 security class) acc. to EN12320 – IMP


– semi-trailers (refrigerators, box type, isotherms)
– Schmitz semi-trailers


– meets the requirements of TAPA TSR (prepared for certification)
– ABLOY PL358 padlock – compliant with: CEN 5 and VbV, EN1627, EN12320, IMP
– padlock tested by IMP (Institute of Precision Mechanics)

PV-02 CUBE Lock is equipped with one of 2 padlocks selected by the customer:


Characteristics of the ABLOY PL358 padlock – click the photo

ABLOY PL358 padlock – is one of the best padlocks available on the market. The unique locking mechanism cannot be forced through the use of commercially available tools. Its uniqueness is also due to the possibility of removing the padlock’s ear, which makes the product perfect for the construction of many SBS locks.

In the composition of the steel mixture in the ABLOY PL358 padlock shackle there is an element – boron, which additionally hardens the steel. The padlock was developed in cooperation with SBS Holland. The upside down padlock cylinder and the hardened stainless steel housing ensure the maximum level of security.

The keys are manufactured with a high security profile, without the possibility of unauthorized duplication and equipped with a key code card.

ABLOY PL 358 padlocks are resistant to corrosion and drilling.

CEN 5 / certyficate SKG ***


Characteristics of the ABLOY SWP PLM358 padlock – click the photo



ABLOY SWP PLM358 padlock (Super Water Proof) – A super durable padlock for demanding applications, with a removable shackle – 5 security class acc. To EN12320 standard, additionally sealed at the top and bottom against water, dust and sand (SWP)

SWP -is a solution in which all the components of the padlock are tightly protected to ensure the ability to work even in the most difficult conditions. The product provides excellent protection, even when it is constantly exposed to extremely high or low temperatures, washing by salt sea water during storms or dust and desert sand. The SWP system meets the IP68 standard. The protection consists in placing inside the padlock (from the top) o-rings made of high-quality EPDM rubber, which prevents water, dust and dirt from getting inside the padlock. At the bottom, a specially sealed and profiled tap is installed, screwed into the key hole. The hammer is installed on a spring that prevents it from being lost.


Each lock can be performed on a separate key code or in the Master Key system (one Mother key – opening all locks in the system) and in the Key Alike system (one key code for all locks)

Key systems (optional):

System Master Key – the so-called general key system – it is a special key system made in such a way that with the use of one key you can open any number of locks specified by the Ordering Party.
The Master Key system can consist of various types of cylinder (patent) inserts, padlocks or electronic locks in the case of RFiD cards.
Master Key systems work well in all types of truck fleets because they eliminate a number of problems caused by the excessive number of keys in circulation (e.g. keychains, no control over duplicating keys by unauthorized persons, no possibility to quickly open the door in an emergency, etc. ).
The access rights of individual keys in the system may be different. Master-Key is both simple systems characterized by a small number of doors and a simple access structure, as well as large systems containing many different groups of keys, subgroups and combinations. There are few practical limitations to the size and complexity of the system.

The master key system can be divided into 3 basic groups:

KEYED-ALIKE –unified cylinder system – all lock cylinders and padlocks as well as advanced electronic locks (RFiD or Ifob cards) are opened with the same key
MASTER-KEY – master key system – the master key opens all locks in vans, containers or semi-trailers, while individual locks are opened only with individual keys
GROUP MASTER-KEY – system of the master key and group keys – designed for large transport fleets, etc. Depending on the organizational structure of the institution – there are several groups of keys in the system that are subordinate to the master key that supports the entire system.