Security & Safety Cooperation

SBS Security & Safety Products has been the European leader in the field of manufacture of professional and proven transport security systems meeting the TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) standards and requirements for over 20 years.

The PVS-SBS offer includes over 50 different solutions associated with the safety of the transported cargo, from simple, effective locks, bars and supplementary locking devices to advanced telematics systems.

Our regular clients receive the Security Certificate of Compliance, which improves the level of reputation of transport companies and reinforces the offer during negotiations and tender procedures.

We would like to thank all of our current customers for the trust and invite them to explore the latest solutions and security systems, the use of which makes a great contribution to improving the safety and quality of transport services.

Thanks to top-level quality, workmanship standards, and reliability, our products are recognizable not only in Europe but also in the world. Each SBS protection device incorporates a PL358, PL7000, ABLOY, DURO, or MULTI-LOCK padlock featuring extreme resistance to external mechanical manipulation. We are providing you with an option to create custom-tailored Master Key systems highly recommended to large-size transport companies and logistics terminals. The system consists in determining access levels and optimal fleet management. The SBS offer is a wide selection of innovative security systems designed for road, sea, and raw-material containers.

A suitable and effective security system is of particular importance, especially in view of the escalating issues associated with illegal immigrants illegally crossing European borders by means of road transport. Financial sanctions for carriers traveling with free riders amount to thousands of euros, not to mention administrative problems on the part of the Border Guard in European and Asian countries. Owing to SBS security systems, forwarding and logistics companies can effectively protect themselves against unnecessary problems by boosting the level of credibility and an invaluable sense of cargo security on their customers’ side.